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September 2010

New York

sunny 27 °C

Hello all!

Just arrived in Philadelphia after 4 nights in New York City. Weather has been sunny and hot every day. Pretty much did all the usual touristy stuff in Manhatten, the Empire State building at night was impressive to say the least. Went down to ground zero which is pretty much the biggest building site your likely to see. Work has started on both of the new towers, one of which is allready the height of the other nearby buildings. East Village was pretty cool too, pretty much all student bars and retaurants which we couldnt afford to go into.
USA 049

USA 049

Our hostel was right next to central park so we spent a couple of days just chilling out there. Apart from the odd weird homeless guy shouting out random John Travolta film recomendations central park is awesome, so big, really clean and the people in there just seem to really respect it. If it was in England it would be ruined by now. Went to Times Square a couple of times, Ash bought the obligitory I heart NY t-shirt. Times square is cool but you have to spend half the time avoiding the comedy store guys selling you tickets! They are everywhere and they're hard to shake off. Thankfully we went to no comedy shows! Ash has developed a quite worrying addiction to Mountain Dew which is putting a massive strain on our finances! So i am having to watch how much she drinks!
So we're in the Apple hostel in Philly now untill saturday then spending the weekend in Atlantic City. Always thought that place was a bit of a hole but the brochure looks amazing. Its got a hard rock cafe so it must be... right? Anyway must go, its free pasta night tonight and we spent too much on lunch so we cant miss it. The hostel seems pretty good, organised pub crawl tomorrow which we'll probably attend. The internet here is not a complete rip off like New York so if you're lucky you might get an email your way soon.

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